The EPIC Awards is proud to announce the Todd Lloyd Scholarship, in honor of a leader, innovator and legend in the Michigan events industry.

About Todd Lloyd

Todd will forever be remembered as one of the most inspiring, charismatic, and integral people to ever change and shape the events industry. From his humble beginnings as a small shop, Todd grew and evolved his company into one of the largest linen companies in the country, Chair Covers & Linens, as well as a flourishing events company, Top That! Event.

Todd experienced many incredible successes over his career, including Michigan Meeting + Events’ 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award. Todd has been the recipient of numerous NACE and EPIC awards, including the prestigious Michael Havens Award.

Despite his incredible successes, Todd always remained humble: a great friend and leader to all who knew him. He took many industry members under his wing, molding, guiding and shaping them to become the next leaders of the organization. Education was his passion; Todd strived to involve students in the NACE chapter, firmly believing in the importance of the next generation of NACE and the events industry. For this reason, we are proud to dedicate scholarships in Todd’s honor, supporting the next wave of leadership in our industry. Of our up and coming leaders, Todd once said:

“As leaders, we always want the organizations we care for so deeply to survive beyond our time at the helm.  I’m confident…the next wave of leaders will take our [industry] to even greater heights.  It is my hope that during my turn at defining [our industry] I will have left a legacy others will aspire to improve upon.”

We, as an events industry, are proud to support Todd’s endeavors and leave a lasting legacy by helping our future generations advance to become the leaders of our industry.

Todd Lloyd Scholarship Details

At least two scholarships will be awarded at the EPIC Awards program. Scholarship applicants may apply in the two categories: Full Time Student and Furthering Education. Based on the quality and quantity of entries received, the EPIC committee may choose to grant one of each category, or two from one category. 

Full-Time Student – awarded to a student taking at least 12 credit hours

  • Student must produce proof of full-time school schedule
  • Student must have completed 12 credit hours with a minimum of a 3.0 GPA

Furthering Education – awarded to an individual furthering their education through continuing education, training, or certifications



How to Submit

  • All entries are due by 11:59 p.m. on March 12, 2018
  • All entries must be submitted via the online portal

Submission Requirements

The following is required for all scholarship submissions:

  1. Entry Information – Entrant will be required to enter basic information (their name, address, email, etc.).
  2. Two Letters of Recommendation
    • Full Time Student – one from an industry professional and one from a current professor
    • Furthering Education – two from industry professionals
  3. Head Shot – One jpeg photo (300 dpi or greater) that will be used during the awards ceremony if you win
  4. Resume This should include all relevant work experience, and for full-time students, it should include program of study information
  5. Proof of Credits/GPA – This is required for Full Time Student applicants only
  6. Essay – Applicants must submit an essay (up to 2,000 words) explaining the following:
    • Number of chapter meetings, industry events, or related school functions participated in past year, with descriptions of any special involvement, special services provided, or special training
    • List any involvement professional/school committees, industry or non-industry related
    • Description of involvement in leadership in industry-related groups
    • Description of community involvement and/or community service involved in, thereby promoting the events industry in a positive light
    • Description of your participation in innovative events, menus, and concepts that have helped advance the events industry in the past year
    • Description of any articles published, publicity, or newsworthiness within the past year
    • (For Full Time Student Scholarship Only) Describe the value of professional organizations to your future career; Do you currently belong to a professional organization as a student member?       Why or why not?
    • (For Furthering Education Scholarship Only) Description on why your professional organization (NACE, ISES or ABC) is important to you, your vision for its future, and your vision for the industry
    • Discussion of what money will be used for (Scholarship check will be written to a specific organization, institution, or training program)


Contact with any questions.