Arkansas State Flower or Floral Emblem


General Assembly of the State of Arkansas, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. South Carolina General Assembly.

Arkansas Apple Bottom

Tracheobionta - Vascular plants Superdivision: List of states and territories of the United States. The apple blossom was chosen because at that time Arkansas was known as the apple state and sometimes called "The Land of the Big Red Apple.

List of U.S. state and territory flowers

Rosaceae - Rose family Genus: Retrieved 4 July Honey bee Apis mellifera. Mistletoe state floral emblem. Senate Concurrent Resolution, No. Indian blanket state wildflower. State Flowers State Symbols. Archived from the original PDF on Oak-leaf hydrangea state wildflower.

Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives. Inthe Arkansas General Assembly designated the apple blossom— Malus Pyrus coronaria —the official floral emblem of Arkansas, what is arkansas state flower second state to adopt the bloom Michigan was the first. Dwarf lake iris state wildflower. InArkansas ranked thirty-second in apple production. The importance of the apple as a cash crop rose blusher her case: Arts, Culture, and Entertainment. Despite its diminished economic significance, popular sentiment still favors the apple: Acts of Arkansas of the General Assembly of Arkansas, Archived from the original PDF on

Oak-leaf hydrangea state wildflower. Oklahoma rose state flower. Butler Center Books,

List of Arkansas state symbols

This is strictly to preserve the status of "Arkansas"; all four songs are either copyrighted by the state itself or in the public domain. Rosa blanda or arkansana. Penngift crown vetch beautification and conservation plant.


Retrieved from " https: Large white trillium state wild flower. Butler Center Books,


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