Plants that Grow without Sunlight | 17 Best Plants to Grow Indoors


Here are 10 easy care houseplants for low light. The tip of these plants are sharp, so keep them in a corner where you won't get nicked. It can remain that way, only change the water weekly.

6 Vegetables That Grow Well In Shade. Perfect For Balcony Gardening

They are tough succulents and can grow to a height of about inches. Hi, I bought Bromeliad plant 1 month ago and kept it inside in living room. Remember to keep the soil well-drained.

12 Aesthetic Plants That Donít Require Sunlight And Can Beautify Your House

There can be several reasons for it including under fertilization and wrong light conditions. Silver queen is a very beautiful plant. Backyard Ideas for Kids. Anything above lux is considered high intensity lighting. Mist the flowers and leaves regularly to remove any dust. My home is dark and they always wither and the leave drop off. They are rather exotic looking and are closely related to the anthurium. Yes, you may thank us later! Never fertilize the African mask in winters.

You have entered an incorrect email address! Over-watering can kill the plant. They really are the most attractive of all palms in my opinion. Change water every week for healthy growth of this plant. They can grow to a height of 50 inches. This plant can go without sunlight for a plants that dont need sunlight time and blossoms flowers even helps clean the surrounding air making it a must have in your house. Many houseplant enthusiasts find this plant easy enough to grow and maintain. Rex begonias are grown for their colorful foliage.

Surprisingly, soil is not essential for this plant to grow! Mix 1 part good potting mix and 1 part sand. Is Christmas Cactus Poisonous?

10 Easy Care Houseplants For Low Light

North-facing rooms or rooms with no windows are considered low-light rooms. Direct sun light often causes burning of leaves. I ncredibly easy to grow, peace lily flourishes in shady locations. They are also susceptible to aphids, spider mites, and mealy bugs.

Growing without sun: Plants that are made for the shade

Water the plant when the soil feels dry. I would appreciate any advise! I am having trouble finding any info on that.


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