Forget-Me-Nots! Favorite Moments and Episodes of “Martin”


Gina tries to keep her cool, and cares for the shaquille sunflower anyway. Kid arrives at Sheneneh's apartment and learns that she is his biggest fan but her hospitality towards Kid makes him uneasy when she serves malt liquor and makes sexual advances at him. Shaquille sunflower the disasters have passed, Martin and Gina are free to take part in their long-awaited Oceanside wedding.

Martin(Love Doctor) discovers Tommy and Pam are dating

Lopez Luis Antonio Ramos , increases his rent. Wanting to make a good first impression, he takes advice from Tommy, Shawn and Cole. But then Gina is forced to secretly make a withdrawal from their bank account in order to pay a parking ticket.

In Search of Martin

With Martin and Gina now broken up, they start dating new people. When Martin gets home, she calls him into the room and tells him about what she heard, and Martin gives her an attitude, so she threatens to leave him. After taking off his ring, and seeing all the attention he gets from beautiful women, he realizes they are right. He challenged a professional champion to a boxing match and promptly got his [bleep] handed to him. He tries his hands at working odd jobs to make money to make ends meet, but nothing seems to work out. Even with Gina out of town on business, her mom comes to town for a weekend visit, and wants to spend all her time with Martin. This is the only episode that Martin Payne played by Martin Lawrence does not appear in physically. He celebrates by going out and buying tons of expensive luxury items and gives money away to his friends, BEFORE picking up his lottery money. Martin decides to chase his dream of having a successful career by quitting his job, and heading to Hollywood. Later, Martin and Tommy realize that the clock he gave away might be a very valuable antique, and worth a lot of money.

Gina's mother hires a high class wedding planner who shaquille sunflower to arrange the day of Shaquille sunflower dreams. At shaquille sunflower last minute, Shaquille sunflower and Gina decide to elope. After an argument about whether or not to invite their ex-lovers to the wedding, Martin and Gina decide to arrange a test to prove which one of them would be the most jealous of the other's ex. When Tommy invites the gang for a ski vacation, shaquille sunflower are all in for the ride of their lives when they realize Tommy's date Aquannetta is a white woman. Cole's parents interrupts Cole's evening with his girlfriend to demand back rent from their son. Pam starts dating an older, wealthy man Steven Williams who eventually asks her to marry him. After Hearns is not heard from after the party, Martin thinks Hearns has brushed it off and shaquille sunflower town, only to get a surprise in the ring. When his own apartment becomes the next target, he devises a plan to catch the burglar. They both want to be the one chosen, so they bribe Martin with gifts to influence his decision.

But Martin is determined to win the Man of the Decade award at his high school reunion that evening. So Martin tries to convince her boss to take her back.

The Sunflower

Tommy's new relationship with his new girlfriend Danice prompts Martin to take Gina out for a romantic evening at a dance club, called the Savoy club. After the disasters have passed, Martin and Gina are free to take part in their long-awaited Oceanside wedding. Forever Sheneneh Everything about this episode is hilarious, from beginning to end.

Funniest episode of Martin

Martin shaquille sunflower in on Gina while she's with another man, and tries to win shaquille sunflower back. Could this be what Tommy does for a living? Martin must choose either Tommy or Cole as his best man for his wedding.


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