Can You Grow Marigolds From Seed Out of Your Garden?


I have saved marigold seeds for several years, it was one of the first I saved, besides zinnias. Although marigold seeds are not particularly expensive, if you're frugal, you'll enjoy growing marigolds for free next year. Hope they sprout for you in the spring.

How To Save and Store Marigold Seeds

There is no way to predict what kind of flower hybrid seeds will produce the next year. I've mixed them up so you never know what is going to appear. I suspected that I needed to let them die on the plant, past when I would normally deadhead the flowers.

How to Plant Marigolds From Deheaded Blossoms

Spritz with warm water as needed to keep it evenly moist. Water when the soil surface dries out thereafter. Collect marigold seeds into an envelope or small paper bag. Thus I realized that those little flower heads held the next year's crop. Fast-growing, drought- and pest-resistant, durable and tough to kill, marigolds are among the easiest and fastest of all seeds to germinate. To remove the seeds of the Marigold pinch the ends with your thumb and index finger of each hand, then pull apart and the seeds will slide out without any problem. When they look like these two, the seeds are ready to be collected and saved for next year. Although marigold seeds are not particularly expensive, if you're frugal, you'll enjoy growing marigolds for free next year. Check the paper towel daily for dampness.

Working in sunny Florida, Anne Baley has been writing professionally since When they 'fizzle out' I let them dry out, then collect the seeds. And, with your helpful post, found that this is indeed true. Anonymous, It can take up to 20 days. Hello, Thanx for the info, i've been doing it wrong, collected them far too early and have planted them already, no wonder there no growing yet, LOL. Baby Registry Baby Registry Finder. I've saved the seeds and hope to get the same results next year. Spritz the paper towel freesia meaning how to save marigold seeds water from a plastic spray bottle to moisten the towel evenly.

I usually plant them around tomato plants. One of the last few Marigold blooms in my garden, past its prime but not yet ready to give up any seeds. Life is good, Ann Marie.

How to Save Marigold Seeds

Separating and Storing Seeds Pull the dried flower petals from the seed pods and discard them. Move the flat to a spot near a bright windowsill in a warm room. The seeds here are a long ways from being ready for harvesting.

How To Save Marigold Seeds

Remove it from the water when the surface of the soil feels moist. Planting Seeds Indoors Cornell Plantations: Maybe try setting out the "soft" seeds to dry and see if that helps any.


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