23 Indoor Plants for Low Light


These trees typically have some level of heartiness which can oftentimes go beyond the realm of being cool with limited light, such as not needing a whole lot of water to survive. Home Outdoors Flowers and Plants Houseplants. As such, you need to make sure that your tree is near sufficient light. It will quickly low light trees and produce new leaves. As this video demonstrates, a little common sense can go a long way into helping you seek out and find a low light trees that works well.

Top 10 Indoor Trees that Spruce Up Any Space

Low light keeps them slow-growing; they'll do better in medium to bright light. It handles a wide range of conditions and still performs well. These gorgeous tropical plants feature a wide range of speckled or splotched leaves in either yellow-and-green or white-and-green.

Our Guide to the Best Indoor Trees Low Light

Money trees like bright light and regular water. Water ZZ plant when the top inch of soil dries out. It has thinner stems, grows flatter and is less robust than the Pothos. This is where I celebrate all things garden and share my passion for plants, flowers and the great outdoors. This to me is a good analogy so I wanted to pass it on. Our Tips for the Best Trees for Containers. Large, woody stems produce sword shaped leaves on the Yucca tree Yucca elephantipes. Is there another recommendation you could give in place of the store-bought potting mix? Aglaonema doesn't mind dry soil either, so it makes a great gift for forgetful gardeners.

Low light keeps them slow-growing; they'll do better in medium to bright light. I would appreciate any advise! Those with more variegation and color do best with more light. Low light trees Janet Craig,Lisa care. Place the Madagascar Dragon tree near a north facing window where it will receive low light during the day. Tough Madagascar dragon trees Dracaena marginata top out around 6 to low light trees feet tall after about 10 years. But indoors, yucca cane is almost as happy in a dark corner where you can enjoy its leathery green, lancelike foliage and attractive tan bark. Yet there are several tree varieties that exists which can not only survive in a low-light situation, but they can thrive.

My Monstera lives indoors in my sunroom with all of my other plants, succulents and cactuses. The indoor tree will also help keep the air clean.

10 Easy Care Houseplants For Low Light

Old, mature African Candelbras will reach 6 feet tall when mature, but that will take a few years since they are slow growing. Give them consistently moist soil and low to medium light. They require consistent moisture for best performance. I was hoping for a video or some advice on the Monstera deliciosa plant.

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One forum I visited advised, to someone else with the same question, low light trees parts peat moss to 1 part perlite. Monstera has a dense, bushy shape, but over time, it will low light trees to stretch and climb a trellis or wood totem. Water is a primary need that you will have to keep in mind.


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