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However, before her plan could come to fruition, she found Swallow trying to phoenix wright dahlia Wright about her and the stolen poison. Doubly so because Yew is 10X better and she just gets unceremoniously dropped to make room for him. What exactly is she doing in the courthouse? She says she never saw Phoenix or Doug fight.

Phoenix Wright: Trials & Tribulations - Identity, The Switch, Dahlia's Return! - Episode 70

When given the options, choose Show contradiction. The absolute dressing down Phoenix and Godot gave her at the end of the game is one of the most satisfying moments in the series. Dahlia's sister Iris once gave a somewhat different description of her. Views Read Edit View history.

Is Dahlia Hawthorne one of the best villains in gaming? (SPOILERS for Ace Attorney series)

Dahlia was just so unambiguously malicious You offer him to try it, since he would trust his own life to his clients. Without telling her twin sister, Dahlia took matters into her own hands and went back to Ivy University herself in desperation. Oct 30, A few minutes after Phoenix left, Dahlia approached Doug and pushed him into the severed electrical cable, killing him. It looks like it isn't over That turnabout was something special. You now come to the conclusion of who killed Doug.

When Armando wasn't looking, Dahlia slipped phoenix wright dahlia poison into his coffee, subsequently putting him into a coma. The necklace had poison in it, and it should be obvious that Dahlia would be called a criminal since she phoenix wright dahlia it to him, especially since Phoenix showed the "present" to everyone! She made a big impact during my first playthrough. A fellow attorney was poisoned and Dahlia was listed as a prime suspect! He thinks that you are bringing out "lies" because you believe in Phoenix, just as he trust his own life to his witnesses. From the day I was born to the day I died, I never helped anyone! Thread starter Blade Start date Feb 5, She handed the poison vial, which was actually a pendant she wore as a necklace, off phoenix wright dahlia Phoenix Wright so that she wouldn't be caught with it. Oct 29, 3,

Grossberg arrives, receiving the police report considering the death of your boyfriend. With Valerie's cooperation, she staged a fake kidnapping by Fawles to get her hands on one of her father's rare jewels. Dahlia says she would never do that, as she loves her "Feenie" so much, she would never do that.

Dahlia Hawthorne

Before she received her sentence, Dahlia promised Mia that it was not over between them. Armando was put into a coma from the poisoning, and Dahlia fled the scene. When given the options, choose Show contradiction. Oct 27, 4,

Phoenix Wright: Trials & Tribulations - Identity, The Switch, Dahlia's Return! - Episode 70

Oct 28, 4, Fawles was convicted for Dahlia's "murder" and sentenced to death row. Engarde had the twist phoenix wright dahlia and von Karma and Gant had presence, but Dahlia has relevance to an overarching story in addition to also having those two things.


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