Camellia problems: frequently asked questions


Camellias in containers are particularly vulnerable. Poor absorption of fertilizers or inappropriate camellia diseases It is better not to use fertilizer rather than using the wrong ones. Camellia Gardens of Excellence.

Central Florida Gardening - Two Minute Pests - Camellia Problems

Camellia care Camellia diseases Pruning camellias Repotting Camellias Collecting camellia cuttings Camellias fruits and seeds Flowering: Aphids are small green ant-like insects that are usually visible in the spring when the new growth appears. The only cure for this is to treat with insecticide and then wipe the mould from each leaf.

Common Pests and Diseases of Camellias

You can treat with insecticides to control aphids which can damage the foliage on your camellias. Vine Weevils If the end of the leaves looks like the right picture, do not panic. You must monitor the watering, the soil should always be moist but not too much. Another consequence is a slowdown in buds growth and a poor flowering. The vine weevil is active at night. In taht case, their is nothing much to do. Home Articles Caring for Camellias Pests and diseases of camellias. Their is nothing worse than the sudden transition from freezing to thawing for buds. Just wait until their are no longer exposed to the sun, so as not to burn. If the water supply throughout the summer months is not enough, the buds will struggle to grow and are likely to fall.

Both usually start at the underside of the leaves. It is better not to use fertilizer rather than using the wrong ones. If the container is too large, the water will stagnate, and will form camellia diseases kind of gruel and will rot the roots. Chlorosis The most often invoked disease You must leave a sprinkler a cone and a bottle will do the trick and especially water gradually during drought. If left untreated- it can camellia diseases to all parts camellia diseases the plant and nearby plants as well. It is caused by aphids or cochineal insects. They love humid climates. I complete the peaty soil in spring and late summer.

Poor absorption of fertilizers or inappropriate fertilizers It is better not to use fertilizer rather than using the wrong ones. The use of a winter veil can have the same consequences.

It will disappear at fall. This is not very aesthetic, especially on a young camellia. If infected in the lower part of the plant, entire plant death could occur. The camellia can be lacking of sunlight a camellia must have a minimum of sun to bloom, quantity to adjust depending on the region and the species or variety.

David Domoney camellia plant care tips

Similarly, a soil that does not drains adequately can generate the same problem. The most often invoked disease The vine weevil is active camellia diseases night.


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