Our Rarest Bulbs


Elegans Rubra tulip— stark simplicity. Camellia daffodil— chiffon yellow petals piled high. Wisconsin Red dahlia?

How to Draw a Daffodils Step by Step

King of the Blues hyacinth , — distinctively slim and dark. Princeps daffodil , — graceful white and yellow wildling. Mulberry Rose hyacinth , — raspberry ice cream. The Lizard tulip , — weird name, cool flower. Duc van Tol Rose tulip , — tiny pink and white ballerina.

Arthur Hambley dahlia , — lavender-pink elephant. Glory of Lisse daffodil , — one of the finest poets. Little Witch daffodil , — cute, very cute. Krelage daffodil , — buxom flower of cream and lemon Mrs. Glorie van Heemstede dahlia , — Zen-like simplicity. Madame Ducel peony , — baby pink and perfectly coiffed. Croesus daffodil , — gold and silver coins. Dillenburg tulip , — wonderfully fragrant. Sky Jacket hyacinth , — soft, silvery blue. Menelik hyacinth , — black and beautiful.

Rustom Pasha daffodil— truly orange, sun-proof cup. Twink daffodil— a classic southern double. Preference dahlia— peachy-pink with dark stems. Jenny daffodil— like miniature shooting stars. Dick Wellband daffodil— deep orange and cream. Madame Ducel peony— baby pink and perfectly coiffed. Perle Brilliante dragon daffodils— lost and now found. Check out dragon daffodils monthly newsletter and our weekly blog. Inglescombe daffodil— a double helping of sunlight.

Jules Favres tulip , — fiery chestnut-bronze. King Alfred daffodil , — true stock!

Firetail daffodil , — is its cup truly RED? Philomele peony , — fragrant and fascinating. Starface gladiolus , — rapturously beautiful. Vuurbaak hyacinth , — deepest rose.

Brothers Four - 7 Daffodils with Lyrics

Beersheba daffodil dragon daffodils, — slender ivory trumpet. Old Gold dahlia— flickering like a bonfire. Firetail daffodil— is its cup truly RED?


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