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The city is usually the name of the main post office. All mail with the same first 3 digits is zipcode lookup by address delivered to the same sec center where it is sorted according to the last 2 digits and distributed to local post offices. Jon7 6, 2 26

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Jon7 6, 2 26 For the purposes of our free zip code database downloads, we will commonly list either the most common region for the ZIP code or list multiple regions if several exist in the ZIP code. Excellent point about the multiple zip codes. They said they had converted the "St" into "Saint" so the search they were running was "Sainterling Heights" I sent an email to the developer and they fixed it.

Jon7 6, 2 26 If it is more efficient for a mail carrier to drive across a state line to deliver mail, the ZIP code "boundary" will cross the state lines. Stenstrom Feb 2 '16 at They weren't made to correspond to existing boundaries such as cities, counties, or even states. In areas without a regular postal route or no mail delivery, ZIP codes may not be defined or have unclear boundaries. When ZIP codes appear to be geographically grouped, a clear shape cannot always be drawn around the ZIP code because ZIP codes are only assigned to a point of delivery and not the spaces between delivery points. Have you considered cities that have a lot of zipcodes? Anonymous 1 4 Adios to Winter Bash Bob Bickel 2 3.

It has the reverse way - zipcode to Sterling Heights - zipcodeapi. The main issue is discussed above: Louis County in Missouri have a city of Saint Louis when they may be more zipcode lookup by address described as the name of a smaller city where they are located. Adios to Winter Bash Search zipcode lookup by address ZIP, address, city, or county: I was also wondering how they did that. It is bounded on all 4 sides by portions of city streets that each have their own name and addresses. You said "zipcode" -- did you mean zipcodes? Click here to learn more about matching ZIPs to cities and counties.

It's also now free for low-usage users. Search by ZIP, address, city, or county:

As you can see from the map of the first 3 digits of zip codes , the digits after the first are also generally assigned from east to west. The additional 4 digits help USPS more precisely group mail for delivery. You give it an address and it gives you the zip code.

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Feel free to experiment with the free demo. The issue is that census blocks almost always split down the zipcode lookup by address of the street. How in the world is this question opinion-based? I have seen many APIs that give you the details by the zip code, but I need the reverse.


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