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She has a video on her site with a look inside. Varying the speed of your pen can help you create different looks and styles. With step-by-step illustrations, this tutorial demonstrates how to add dimension and depth with just learn hand lettering few pen strokes. Getting started with hand lettering?

Hand Lettering Series - Part 1 -- Basic Drills

Thanks so much for all the inspirational work and helpful guides! You want to eventually be able to draw letters with proper weight and stroke contrast without reference material. Open a shop on Creative Market to sell your fonts, graphics, illustrations or more! Establish a regular schedule for practicing letter forms, learning the principles of design and trying out new tools.

How to learn Hand Lettering types

Are you on Facebook? All you really need to get started is a few basics: Your hands are your tools too, so it's important to exercise them. Do you know what kind of ink I could use on linen fabric without it feathering out? I too am a Mac girl and I love your keyboard. I am interested in learning more about typography and in particular hand lettering and came across this guide via Pinterest. The more you hand letter, the more you'll refine your technique. Varying the writing pressure changes the width of the line from very thin to thick.

Chalkboard lettering has a vintage, rustic feel. Read learn hand lettering the difference here. Fonts are a good source of inspiration for hand lettering students, too. I use Illustrator CS6. What do you think is the best way to have your work printed to sell? Commit to doing just one worksheet every day for 30 learn hand lettering and keep track of your progress with the included checklist! I can totally relate and learn! The best way to get better at lettering is simply to practice…a lot.

I totally loved your blog. Hi Whitney, this is the exact one is use: Subscribe to Learn Lettering for tips and tricks that will help you improve your hand lettering skills.

Hand Lettering for Beginners: 5 Tips to Get You Started

I decided to start hand lettering as a hobby and I am trying to teach myself without having to buy a ton of stuff right now. This is also a good way to get to know new pens and pencils and see how they work. Annica Lydenburg , drawing tips , hand lettering , Roxy Prima. Free Ciclista by Project in Fonts.

Kelly Creates Learn Brush Lettering Workbooks

I really wanna say thank you for this great sharing. Check out my large selection of free lettering worksheets. It has been so helpful.


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